iPhone 5: 2 Features It Needs To Remain No.1 In 2012

Apple will almost certainly reveal their latest incarnation of the iPhone later this year. It has been speculated that this will be in October and there is sure to be upgrades, however whether these will be major upgrades is anyone’s guess.

PocketNow recently asked what users really want to see on the iPhone 5. While they received many responses, two stood out at the top – a bigger screen and redesigned exterior. Read on.

iPhone 5 most requested upgrades: new design & bigger display

One of the changes that most people are anticipating is a change to the size of the screen. While there is nothing wrong with the 3.5-inch screen of the generations out at the moment, those thinking of upgrading would like to see at least a 4-inch screen, reports PocketNow.

Of course a larger screen size would mean users wanting more pixels for their money. Around 640×1136 should suffice and would allow owners to play 16:9 videos in full screen and enjoy them at their native aspect ratio.

With the larger screen and more pixels users are hoping to see an area of the screen dedicated to widgets. However this may be asking for too much. Moving the notification area to the bottom of the screen would be nice on a large handset and deeper blacks would be welcomed as the larger screen would show up the washed out gray look.

Fans of the iPhone are also hoping to see some design changes. These include getting rid of the glass which shatters easily if dropped and replacing it with more innovative and tougher materials. A standard connector port is also on the most wanted list for the iPhone 5. For now fans will just have dream about what they might get and patiently wait for the release.


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