Samsung Galaxy Note Gets A Heavy Dose Of Galaxy S3 Thanks To TouchWiz UX Customization

Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 was as smooth at functioning as we had hoped and expected, when we visited it in London, we couldn’t help but wish that Samsung had rolled out this hardware and software before the Samsung Galaxy Note was released.

Samsung Galaxy Note gets Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX

The good news now is that Samsung’s TouchWiz UX is now available for select Samsung devices including the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note. It has a far more sophisticated user interface that is both clean and functional.

Any Samsung-based ROM should run the highly effective TouchWiz UX – of which there are two variations. One variation has four columns, and the other five. In order to obtain the custom UI, please see the link provided beneath this story.

TouchWiz UX is available on custom ROMs for any Galaxy Note owners at this time, which has incredibly positive connotations for all you Note owners out there on top of the already awesome Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Suite update.

As you all know, if can be risky playing around with your device, but if you use Android on a regular basis and have experience in ‘tampering’ with these devices, you should know how to avoid any problems. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this update in the comments below!