[PHOTOS] Samsung Galaxy Note ‘2’ Gets Quad-Core & Redesigned Stylus Bay

According to the folks over at AndroidCommunity, a new Samsung Galaxy Note will be coming along and will have more processing power thanks to a quad-core Exynos processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note ‘2’ gets quad-core processor redesigned

However this is not the only change to the supposed Samsung Galaxy Note ‘2’ as it’s being dubbed. Pre-release pictures have been posted showing a smart looking slot, which is built into the body of the table, which will accommodate the S-pen stylus. When the device was revealed at the MWC much earlier in the year the slot was missing, however the device was an earlier model.

The S-pen stylus is smaller than the original and looks similar to that used with the original note. Samsung are reportedly offering a larger version which takes on the more traditional pen shape. This version is aimed at artists who want to make good use of the digitizer from Wacom that comes built into the 1280×800 screen. At the moment there is no release date for the Galaxy Note ‘2’ but it is said to run on a quad core processor from Samsung as opposed to the dual core which it was shown as having when revealed in Barcelona.

There is said to be the full range of colors of cases available along with a vehicle dock. Of course anyone taking notes or reading from the device while driving is asking for trouble. Samsung have not given a release date as yet so keep checking back for more news.


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