T-Mobile & AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 US Models Confirmed [PHOTOS]

Users of the Samsung Galaxy II in the US who have been waiting with baited breath for confirmation of the release of the next generation, the Samsung Galaxy S3, can now breathe a sigh of relief as its official. The phone will be released on both AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

GSMArena: T-Mobile & AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 “confirmed”

According to GSMarena.com, the SIG approval pages pictured below as well as the model numbers have the “Galaxy S III AT&T and T-Mobile US versions confirmed.”

Those wanting the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 will get the SGH-1747 with the handset based on chipset known as Snapdragon and with a CPU from Krait as opposed to the international version which comes with the Cortex-A9. The reason for the different CPU is the addition of 4G LTE support. If you are waiting for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 then this comes in the form of the SGH-T999. However at this moment in time what chipset is used is anyone’s guess, reports GSMArena.

Another difference from the international versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the looks of the handset. GSMA suggests that four capacitive keys are to take over in place of the combination of two touch buttons along with one regular. It is also rumored that like the Japanese version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the US version will also have 2GB RAM. Both the T-Mobile & AT&T Galaxy S3 US release dates have been tipped for next month, with more information being available very soon. Check out the photos of both versions in the Bluetooth SIG approvals below.


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