[DEAL ALERT] Best Buy Begins Clearing iPhone 4s At Only $50

Recently, Best Buy has decreased the price of the iPhone 4 both in store and online to $49.99, a price that was a full $50 below the regular retail price of the phone. This price slash also comes the same week as Best Buy discounted many other iDevices and the MacBook Pros.

iPhone 4 drops to just $50 on contract at Best Buy

The $50 iPhone 4 is available to individuals with the signing of a two year contract, and if ordered online even comes with free shipping. The deal is great, but is not the sole price slashing venture surrounding the iPhone 4.  Target and Radioshack also dramatically dropped their prices of the 2 iPhones (4 & 4S) by $50 earlier in the month.

iPhone 5 coming later this year

The complaints about the iPhone 4S battery life combined with Siri’s not so optimal performance actually gets me to think that $50 isn’t that great of a deal (especially with another model coming along). Keeping in mind that most rumors have the next iPhone (iPhone 5) coming out early this fall I wouldn’t plunge on a new iPhone 4 or 4S right now.

However, if you really want one you can always pick up a refurbished iPhone off Best Buy at only $29.99 and then consider paying full retail when the iPhone 5 rolls out. After all, Verizon has stated that if upgrade your handset this summer you will lose your unlimited data plan unless you buying it unsubsidized.

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