Samsung Galaxy Note Steals S3 Limelight With New Special Edition Variant

Every four years individuals all around the world become engrossed in the Olympic Games. A fine celebration of sport that Samsung may have tainted this year with their over the top sponsoring of the event.  Don’t believe me?  Wait until you see their commercials every 15 minutes or better yet we may even see Michael Phelps with a Samsung emblazoned swim cap!

Special edition Samsung Galaxy Note announced for Olympics

Samsung is also looking to cash in on the event with the release of their brand new limited edition versions of two of their flagship phones: The Olympic Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Y.  For those select few consumers who actually do purchase this odd looking treat, the remorse they will feel after realizing they have purchased a hideous looking phone will be very heavy.

The big deal about these ‘limited edition’ phones is their exclusive back plates which feature the flag of the UK on it as well as two other designs. Not impressed? You shouldn’t be, these phones have a serious case of the uglies. Samsung could have at least thrown in a few Olympic themed interfaces, or free apps or something which would turn the release of this phone into something unique.

The prices of the “limited edition” phones are the same of their “regular” counterparts, as it should be.  There simply isn’t anything bundled in with these phones that could convince us to sport them.  However, the one good thing coming out of all this Samsung press at the Olympics will hopefully be new coverage of the Galaxy S3. An explosion of advertising of this phone is incoming. You have been warned my friends.

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