Steve Jobs Designed iPhone 5 To Take Out Samsung & Google In One Fell Swoop [REPORT]

The Bloomberg agency reports that the late Steve Jobs played a large part in the design of the iPhone 5, which will feature a significantly larger 4-inch screen.

As this week presses on, a new batch of reports and rumors about this latest iPhone version has been splashed all over the Internet. Some reports claim that Apple has gained control of the domain name after the company filed a complaint with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.

iPhone 5: Bigger Retina Display to match Samsung Galaxy phones & end of Google Maps?

Another big media hitter, The Wall Street Journal, quoted secret sources and revealed Apple’s plans to incorporate a 4-inch display in the iPhone 5. Bloomberg reported that Apple guru Jobs who succumbed to his long battle with cancer last year, collaborated with designers to develop this latest model.

TheNextWeb technology blog reported that the brand protection agency, Corporation Service Company, or CSC, owns the domain, and that the complaint over its ownership, filed by Apple as WIPO case D2012-0951 has been ended. TheNextWeb hinted that CSC is acting for Apple, but is unsure if the company plans to use the name or is simply protecting it.

Of course, complaints over domain names pale into insignificance against news of a bigger screen. Apple needs to stay competitive against a legion of new smartphones all after their market share, especially Samsung’s models, which already have larger screens. The 4-inch screen will be a big improvement on the current 3.5-inch display, and will represent the first redesign since the iPhone 4 hit the streets in 2010. The iPhone 4S, the latest version, looks almost the same as the iPhone 4, and market analysts expect the newer version to come out in September or October 2012.

The iPhone 5’s release will most likely coincide with the launch of the new iOS 6 mobile operating system, and Apple might preview it at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year. A major expected change to the current OS may well be the replacement of Google’s mapping technology with Apple’s own maps application. The 3D mapping technology for this app will be developed by C3 Technologies, a company acquired by Apple last year. The app promises to look like Google Maps, but is touted as being cleaner, faster and more reliable, apparently.


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