Sprint iPhone 5 LTE: US Carrier Reminds Apple Users They Are Only Network For Unlimited 4G Data

To lure in masses of customers, Sprint has become an innovative mobile phone carrier in the fact that they are the only major networks in the U.S. that still offers unlimited data plans.  Their advertisements that promote its iPhone 4S unlimited data plans have been boasting the benefits of their plans all over television, magazines and the Internet.  Moreover, they have been broadcasting their offer to discount a minimum of $100 when you trade in another carrier’s iPhone in order to purchase a Sprint iPhone 4S.

Sprint iPhone 5 will be only one with unlimited 4G LTE data plan in US

The unlimited data plans come in all shapes and sizes from the bare minimum to the Everything Data Plan.  The everything data plan 450 costs just $80 a month and gives the user 450 minutes of voice services with complimentary unlimited data and text messaging.  The Simply Everything Plan, just $100 per month, offers literally unlimited everything: unlimited talk, unlimited data, and of course unlimited data services.  This service tacks on an extra $10 subscribers fee for smartphone users, a course which confuses most and infuriates many.

Moreover, Sprint’s past announcement about the release of unlimited data plans for Apples next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 that packs 4G LTE radios, has raised the eyebrows of many consumers.  For one thing Sprint, one of the few carriers who have yet to launch the 4G LTE network, paradoxically releases several LTE enabled android smartphones.

However Sprint’s competitors both Verizon and AT&T are planning on launching shared data priced plans this year that will allow individuals to split Internet data on their phones and tablet giving a marketable element to their already great plans.  This change will save small businesses and families money as they use their phones and tablets to check mail, play games and download apps.  Moreover, the effects of this on the purchase of tablets will be undoubtedly influential.   The hesitancy of both of these carriers will pay off, hopefully as more individuals will be likely to purchase tablets out of the relief of not having to sign another 2 year contract for data usage.

Verizon catches some heat from its many customers still though.  As the company does not reply to consumer demands regarding how they took their unlimited data plans off the market, customers become extremely frustrated because of the change of policy.  Long-term customers have even been planning to move away, giving newer carriers like Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile a chance.  This is Sprint’s chance to attract new iPhone customers toward itself with its new Unlimited Simply Everything plan for a measly $100 per month.  A profitable move on Sprint’s part.