Forget End Of Verizon Unlimited Plans, Top Androids Now More Affordable

With Verizon Wireless officially announcing earlier this week that they would be moving unlimited data plan users over to tiered data this summer when they upgraded (whether they were grandfathered in or not), many users may now be worried about the high costs of data usage.

Verizon unlimited data axing may bring cheaper no-contract phones in future as demand grows

We’ve already seen how expensive LTE data plans are as well as how quickly you can consume them. The good news though is that there is a loop hole to Verizon’s new changes, as long as you don’t buy a subsidized phone from the carrier then you can still retain your data plan.

While many folks maybe put off by the shocking non-contract price tags of devices like the iPhone ($700 onwards), we are beginning to see other top name Android smartphones slowly dip their prices.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Galaxy Note unlocked: $399-$459

The highly popular Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus for one is available directly through the Google Play Store at a very afforable $399 unlocked price tag. Now given that this device retailed for $299 on contract when it launched, a $100 more to avoid having to sign up for those expensive contract is well worth the cash.

Simultaneously we are seeing other unlocked models hit websites like eBay at low prices. Take for instance today’s eBay daily deal. For $459 you can get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note (suitable for AT&T).

Verizon has already made its decision about unlimited data plan users. The question is, which direction will you go this summer when they are enforced.

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