Google I/O Event: 15 Things Confirmed For Android, Rest Is Other Google Stuff

Google’s developer conference i.e. Google I/O is now slightly a month away and the excitement behind the now already sold out event continues to built.

Google I/O event: 15 topics covering Android listed already

Now Google has gone ahead and released the schedule of events for the 3-day run. In it there are around 15 Android specific session listed, suggesting that Android will once again be the big topic at Google I/O. Many of these sessions are of course aimed at developers and range from topics about smoothing UIs, bettering apps and how to market apps in Google Play.

However with ticket prices sitting at $900 and giveaways included, it will no doubt encourage non-developers to attend the event and Google will have something for them as well. By contrast, tickets to Apple’s WWDC 2012 cost around $1,399.

Android 5.0 Jellybean? Expanded Nexus program?

Whether Google will touch on Android 5.0 Jellybean or the expanded Nexus program which is expected to bring up to 5 new Nexus phones and tablet this year, remains to be seen. We will be at the event so stay tuned for more coverage.


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