iPhone 4S Bottlenecked As iPhone 5 Nears (Don’t Upgrade Just Yet)

If you’re still thinking whether you should spring for an iPhone 4S or wait for the iPhone 5 then the answer is all to clear now – Wait.

iPhone 4S orders reduced due to impending iPhone 5 release (report)

According to Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee, Apple has slashed its iPhone 4S orders down to just 27 million for this quarter. The reason behind this has apparently nothing to do with demand but instead of things to come. Wu suggests that Apple is prepping itself for a drop in iPhone 4S sales that will follow just ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5.

Now the current rumors peg the iPhone 5 release date as sometime in either September or October, which seems about right if Apple is now only cutting back on production so as to allow stores to begin clearing their inventory.

We’ve already seen third party retailers like Walmart and Target slash the price of both the iPhone 4 and 4S. If you happen to own an iPhone 4S and are waiting to upgrade to an iPhone 5, take note that the time to unload your iPhone 4S is nearing. So if you happen to have a secondary phone with which you could use for sometime and want to get the highest second-hand price for your iPhone 4S, don’t wait too much longer. As for buying a new iPhone 4S, we would hold off on that as well until after WWDC 2012 to see if Apple reveals anything about the upcoming iPhone 5. If not, when the iPhone 5 is launched you can expect further price reductions of the 4S.

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