[PICS] Full-Metal Jacket iPhone 5 With 4-inch Retina Display & 10MP Camera, Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

With WWDC 2012 now only weeks away, the excitement behind a possible iPhone 5 launch has reached fevering new heights. Given that Apple has traditionally launched their new iPhone models at WWDC every year (except for the 4S), we can see why.

Concept iPhone 5 pictures take all major rumors into account

Now if you’ve been following the Apple iPhone 5 rumor mill then you will be well aware of speculations regarding a bigger Retina Display, 4G LTE radios, faster processor, improved camera and redesigned aluminum body. If you were wondering what all this would like like on the iPhone 5 in theory, then FuseChicken has the answer.

FC has prepared some concept iPhone 5 pictures that integrates these details in a very subtle manner. In other words, unlike other concept iPhone 5 pictures we’ve seen to date, this one looks believable.

Featuring a full metal jacket on rear with a tapered design, it looks slightly more bulky which should allow more room to house a bigger camera sensor and 4G LTE antennas. It also allows space for a quad-core chip in the event that Apple goes down that path.

Up front we see a 4-inch Retina display. It is edge-to-edge in other to keep the overall dimensions of the device close to its predecessor, the 4S. As for that dock connector that’s pictured, we’re not really sure what’s with it. I have had my iPhone 4S cable tear in the past due to putting objects on it but making it that thick to safeguard it from happening seems like overkill. Unless this is suppose to be support for a Thunderbolt cable?