Google Nexus 4 Specs Leaked: Pinch Of Galaxy S3, Note & Nexus Parts?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 officially launched and set to take the helm as the flagship Galaxy phone of 2012, we’ve finally gotten a taste as to what we can expect from future Galaxy branded smartphones.

Google Nexus 4 specs show hints of Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note & Nexus (rumor)

In particular, the most speculated at this time is the next-generation Nexus phone i.e. Google Nexus 4. Given that rumors suggest Samsung will get the honor once again to partner with Google and build the Nexus 4, it is only natural to assume that it will share similar hardware from the new Galaxy S3 (just compare the Galaxy S2 with the Galaxy Nexus).

Now the folks over at Tech.Sc report that the developer of Oxygen ROM, Adam Green, stumbled upon the full technical specifications of a Samsung device when skimming through the code unveiled by Google for AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

In it he found a device that had touches of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note, and of course Nexus bits. Tech.Sc explains:

“It seems that the alleged Galaxy Nexus will be the first to pack the new generation of processors developed by ARM – Cortex A15, in a dual core configuration.” The report goes on to point out other findings of Green like a 5-megapixel camera with the new BSI sensor found in the Samsung Galaxy S3, Wolfson audio chip from the Nexus S, and 1280×800 resolution like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

It is also expected to launch with the latest Android 5.0 Jellybean update. Given that Google I/O is set to happen next month, we may get a glimpse of this device. Fingers crossed.


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