iPhone 5 & iOS 6: Most Wanted Features

Apple unveiled the New iPad ‘3’ earlier this year and with it marked the new generation of Apple hardware for iOS devices. What it left out however was a major software update, iOS 6. Now with WWDC 2012 just around the corner, all eyes are on a possible iPhone 5 and iOS 6 announced. With this in mind, here are4 features we hope iOS 6 brings along with the iPhone 5. Feel free to suggest yours in the comments below.

What features would you like from iOS 6 and iPhone 5?

Common Toggles in Notification Center:  The pull-down notification center is so conveniently placed that it should definitely have toggles for the most common settings there; such as 3G, Bluetooth, brightness, Location Services, Vibration, WiFi, etc.

SMS Timestamps: The iPhone’s SMS app does provide timestamps for some SMS’ but not on all, which is a pain for people who need to know exactly when they sent a message or when one was delivered to them.

Turn-by-Turn voice navigation: Pretty simple concept but lacking in iOS devices.

Hiding Apps you don’t need: Some apps are just not useful for certain people; Stocks, Weather, YouTube, etc.

We’ll be at WWDC 2012 next month in San Francisco so stay tuned for more updates of Apple’s plans for iOS in 2012. Have a good weekend folks!


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