12 Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Likely Didn’t Know Exist

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has was officially unveiled just over a week ago and since then we’ve had two hands-on chances with the flagship Samsung device – first at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London and then again yesterday at CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans.

While the hardware specs have been repeated to nauseum by tech media outlets, and the blogosphere has made it very clear that they aren’t too impressed with the exterior design of the Galaxy S3, there are many new features which Samsung integrated into the device that remain on the down low.

For the third generation Samsung Galaxy S phone, the Korean manufacturer focused heavily on creating a more “human centric device”. What this basically means is something that is more intuitive and natural to use from a software standpoint. To pull this off, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been bombarded by TouchWiz tweaks on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich features. Here are some of these Samsung Galaxy S3 features that you may know know existed.

Lesser know Samsung Galaxy S3 features

Smart Stay: Uses the front-facing camera to keep the screen on while you’re looking at it; Direct Call: If you’re texting someone but decide to suddenly hold the Samsung Galaxy S3 up to your ear, it will automatically initiate the a call; Buddy Photo Share: uses face detection to automatically share pictures of your friends with your friends; AllShare Play: AirPlay clone that lets you share your screen with any other S3 users or DLNA-enabled devices on local WiFi; Smart Alert: If you have any missed messages or calls, Smart Alert will vibrate your handset when you pick it up off the table; Voice: Siri clone that employs natural language for searching weather, browsing music tracks, configuring alarms and more; Face & Voice Unlock: Samsung adds its own touch to the Android 4.0 Face Unlock feature making it even more secure; More Gestures: you can do a wiper-blade gesture to take a screenshot, double tap to scroll to the top, and even a gesture to launch the camera; Pop Up Play: You can now watch videos as overlays while doing work like chatting or replying to emails; Best Photo: The Galaxy S3 takes 20 shots in burst mode and then automatically pick the right one to save; Lockscreen News Ticker: Built right into the lockscreen, you can now see updates scrolling in ticker style without unlocking your device; Expanded Quick Access Toggles: while Samsung phones always had those quick toggles in the notification tray, you can now swipe it horizontally to see more toggles added such as mobile data, driving mode and notifications.

Did we miss out on any other lesser known features about the Samsung Galaxy S3? Sound off in the comments below.

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