iPhone 5 Release Not Jun/Oct, Apple Squeezing 2 New iOS Devices In This Year [REPORT]

With the New iPad ‘3’ launch out of the way, the next big iOS product launch is expected to be the iPhone 5. While traditionally Apple had always launched the latest iPhone models at the WWDC events taking place in June every year, the current iPhone 4S broke tradition and only arrived in October.

iPhone 5 release date to be enveloped by iPad Mini & iPad XL

Due to this deviation from Apple’s usual iPhone launch plans, tech pundits and industry insiders began to speculate that the iPhone 5 release date would either be in June or October. Now the folks over at DigiTimes claim to have gotten inside the Apple [AAPL] iPhone 5 supply chain and “confirm” a September launch date.

In addition to claiming a September iPhone 5 release date, DigiTimes reports that Apple will be launching a 7-inch iPad Mini in August and a 10-inch New iPad XL later in Q4 2012, basically enveloping the iPhone 5 launch.

Now as with all reports, especially those from the folks over at DigiTimes, we suggest taking the claims with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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