Samsung Galaxy S3 Or HTC One X? (Easier Choice Than You Think)

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 was arguably the most hyped Android smartphone of 2012, its official debut last week was met with mixed reactions. Yesterday, I managed to get some hands on time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 at CTIA Wireless and must say that Samsung has done right with the successor to the S2, albeit for some parts.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

In the short walkthrough I had with the Samsung Galaxy S3 by the Samsung rep at hand, I got a glimpse of just how buttery smooth the performance was and the many Samsung-made apps that have truly made the new Galaxy S3 a human-centric smartphone.

While watching it in action, I couldn’t but help compare it to another superphone, the readily available HTC One X. Both devices boast bleeding-edge hardware and cameras that every photography enthusiast can appreciate. Boasting massive displays and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich aboard, there was something very clear between both smartphones. One had the looks while the other usability.

The HTC One X with its curved polycarbonate body akin to that of the beautiful Nokia Lumia 900 clearly wins in the aesthetics department, especially when pitted against the cheaper looking ‘plastic-ky’ Samsung Galaxy S3. However when it came to features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 with TouchWiz UI beat HTC Sense hands down. Samsung Galaxy S3 tweaks like S Voice, S Beam, Direct Call, and other multitasking features easily overshadowed HTC’s much boasted Beats Audio integration, and also overcame the ImageSense tech for its camera given that the more stripped down looking camera app in the Galaxy S3 looked better than ever.

Verdict: it comes down to just two things

While both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X come extremely close on the hardware front, if you’re having trouble deciding between both superphones then consider what’s more important – better usability (Galaxy S3) or aesthetics (One X).

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