iPhone Officially Hits 5 More US Carriers, T-Mobile Confirms ‘iPhone 5 Ready’

Apple has continued its expansion in the US by making more carrier variants available in the market. While the top 3 largest carriers in the US have been offering the iPhone for sometime now, T-Mobile and a host of regional wireless carriers were stuck sitting on the sidelines.

iPhone 4S now available through 5 more regional wireless carriers; T-Mobile will be ready with LTE for iPhone 5

As of last week, the iPhone is available at 5 additional U.S. regional wireless carriers: Alaska Communications, Cellom, MTA Solutions, GCI and Appalachian Wireless.

In addition to these regional wireless carriers, T-Mobile announced yesterday that their LTE network would be ready for the iPhone 5, whether or not it would be making its way to the network. The iPhone 5 is rumored to come with LTE compatibility after the New iPad ‘3’ became the first iOS device to incorporate the new radios.

If rumors hold true, we could see the iPhone 5 announced as early as next month at WWDC 2012 (June 11th). If not, we may be in for a wait until sometime in the fall just like was the case with the iPhone 4S last year. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.