Apple Confirms New iPad Shortcomings, May See Much-Needed Feature Added To iOS 6 Update

The New iPad ‘3’ is arguably the best tablet on the market right now. With a powerful GPU, high resolution Retina Display, quad-core graphics processing, and all at a base price tag of $499, there’s no question as to why it is still the fastest selling tablet on the market right now.

New iPad feature hinted by Apple engineering support, could be part of iOS 6 features

However despite all its merits, it isn’t without some shortcomings. Luckily, most of them are on the software level that may be able to be added with the next iOS update. The folks over at AppleInsider report that a developer had reached out to Apple via its “submit a bug report” form which had the option to submit suggestions. While the developer normally would not get any responses from Apple when submitting suggestions, their latest did.

In the suggestion to Apple, the developer asked if it was possible to add support for multiple users to the New iPad ‘3’. This was Apple’s surprising response: “After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering.”

Given that back in 2012, Apple was rumored to have been working on the iPad for multi-user support whereby it would utilize facial recognition (with a front facing camera) and customize the iPad with the user’s selection of apps, settings and even wallpaper. Now with the New iPad 3 boasting an excellent front facing camera, and even the iPad 2 packing one, this may come to fruition.

The Worldwide Developer Conference is scheduled to take place next month in San Francisco. While the iPhone 5 may or may not launch at the event, chances of iOS 6 being unveiled are much higher. If Apple’s engineers are currently investigating a solution to multi-user support, there would be no better place to unveil it than at the event and with iOS 6.

Do you share your iPad with other members in your household or workplace? Would such a feature make you pick the iPad over other tablet alternatives? Sound off in the comments below.