Are Rumors Of A $799 MacBook Air Model Just Full Of Hot Air?

While the Apple brand hasn’t been exactly known for its economical pricing, the Cupertino based company is slowly taking interest in the lower prices market and its next move may be a $799 MacBook Air.

2012 MacBook Air to start as low as $799 (report)

DigiTimes reports that the MacBook Air may be in for another price slash. After already dropping its price tag when Apple announced the end of the plastic MacBook, making the Air the new base model, the super-slim laptop expected to take one more cut right down to $799 for the 2012 version. This would bring it closer to the $699 price point at which the next-generation of ultrabooks running Windows are expected to start at.

With an an 11-inch model starting at $799 and possibly putting the 13-inch model at below the $1,000 mark, Apple may be able to further eat up the PC market just like how it is doing with other markets and its ‘budget’ versions of devices (iPhone 4 at reduced prices and rumors of an incoming iPad mini).

However just like all reports, especially from DigiTimes, we suggest taking this one with a grain of salt. For all you know, rumors of a cheaper MacBook Air may just be full of hot air (pun intended).


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