Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S2 Comparison (Hands On Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially launched last week and with it putting an end to all the rumors that were speculating from as early as October last year. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch received mixed reactions as not all that was speculated ended up making its way into the superphone, overall it still appears to stand above everything else there is on the market, especially its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Now the folks over at Recombu have managed to do a quick hands-on video with a white Samsung Galaxy S3 and compared it to the white Samsung Galaxy S2. As can be seen in the short clip, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 packs a much larger display (4.8-inch versus 4.3-inch), its nearly edge-to-edge display hides it very well. There are some drawbacks however like its Pentile display. Moving on, both devices appear to be almost identical, with volume rockers, home button and power button in the same places. They both also pack 8-megapixel cameras but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has done away with the black borders which in my opinion makes the camera UI look a lot better.

TouchWiz as well appears to have been heavily stripped down and you get a UI experience quite similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when compared to the heavily customized version on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Everything feels and looks more fluid.

As for the actual form factor, this is a matter of personal preference given that its design has brought about mixed reactions on the Web. You either hate it or love it. In my opinion, the white Samsung Galaxy S3 just passes while the blue variant looks horrible compared to its predecessor the S2.

Well enough chatter, check out the comparison video below and tell us if the Samsung Galaxy S3 lived up to your expectations or does it seem more like an incremental upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Europe the end of this month, followed by the US in the summer.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S2 hand-on comparison video