3 Signs Of The iPhone 5 Apocalypse: Price Drops, Stocks Low, iPhone 5 Name Pursuit

With WWDC 2012 now just over a month away, rumors of a possible iPhone 5 launch continue to gain steam. Given that Apple traditionally launched all new iPhone models (sans the 4S) at WWDC every year, it is no surprise. So what are the signs that an iPhone 5 may launch this summer at WWDC 2012 instead of the fall like the iPhone 4S did? We can see 3 right now.

3 possible sign of impending iPhone 5 release

Black iPhone 4 stocks low: The folks over at 9to5mac report that, “Apple is now facing constraints of the black 16GB iPhone 4 and black 32GB iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA unit breakdown is unclear).” Similar to how we saw earlier last month when the white iPhone 4 stock was running low, Genius Bars have once again been “instructed to provide customers with comparable iPhone 4S replacements.” Just like how the launch of the iPhone 4S meant the end of the iPhone 3G, the launch of an iPhone 5 would mean the end of the iPhone 4 and a price markdown for the iPhone 4S.

Apple moves to acquire ‘iPhone 5’ domain name: While iPhone 5 rumors have been circulating since November last year, Apple has now decided to file a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in order to get the domain iPhone 5.com. The complaint (Case number: D2012-0951) popped up on WIPO’s website just this week.

Target slashes price of iPhone 4S & 4: Target is now discounting new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by $50 with a two-year contract, reports 9to5Mac. This brings the new prices in-store for the iPhone 4 8GB to $50 and the 4S 16GB to $150 (both AT&T and Verizon).

Do you see any other signs that possibly hint to an impending iPhone 5 announcement? Sound off in the comments below.

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