Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Nexus: Which Is Better?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung but that doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Nexus will fade away into the background. In fact, both devices have their good and bad points. So which is better? Read on.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Starting off with exterior design, the Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a hyperglazed rear panel which gives it a more solid feel than the textured back of the Galaxy Nexus. While both are technically the same, the former feels more luxurious.

While on the rear, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has another point for it thanks to its 8-megapixel camera with a long list of software upgrades that easily trump the 5-megapixel shooter on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The same can be said about the front cameras on both Samsung phones.

Up front, the Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a slightly larger 4.8-inch display versus the 4.65-inch on the Galaxy Nexus. While some might consider the larger display a trade-off given that it would make it more awkward to hold, that isn’t the case. Because of the nearly edge-to-edge display on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it manages to keep its overall dimensions in check while giving you more screen real estate to play with.

Next up is the quad-core Exynos processor which has been blowing away other chips in benchmarks. It stands well above the now outdated dual-core chip in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

While this may seem like a one-sided battle, there is one saving grace the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has. It runs pure Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which we prefer over TouchWiz, and this also means that it is first in line for the rumored Android 5.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, it will launch with Android 4.0 and may remain with it for a lot longer than the Galaxy Nexus ever would.

So overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 appears to be the winner except for one major point, updates.

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