Apple Officially Jumps On ‘iPhone 5’ Name 1 Month Before WWDC 2012

With the new iPad out of the way, Apple is next expected to launch the next generation iPhone which the media has proudly dubbed the iPhone 5 despite the ‘4S’ technically being the 5th iPhone and making this one the iPhone 6.

Apple files to secure ‘iPhone 5’ domain name

Now as we are nearly a month away from WWDC 2012 which will take place in San Francisco, details have surfaced that claim Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in order to get the domain:

“Apple is planning ahead for the release of the next iPhone by filing a complaint (Case number: D2012-0951) with the World Intellectual Property Organization over The domain dispute popped up on WIPO’s website this week.”

At the moment, the domain points to smartphone ads and this may just be a move on Apple’s part to protect consumers who will likely google for ‘iPhone 5’ information, particularly in the next few weeks given that hype behind a potential summer iPhone 5 release date continues to grow.

What do you think the next-generation iPhone will be called? iPhone 5? iPhone 6? New iPhone?


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