iPhone 4S Price Crashes 1 Month Before WWDC, iPhone 5 June Launch Hinted

Last September, retail giant Walmart slashed the price of the iPhone 4. Exactly one month later, the iPhone 4S launched and arrived in stores. Now the folks over at CultOfMac have gotten word that Walmart has done the same thing again, dropping the price of the AT&T iPhone 4S and 4 in their retail stores:

“Without any notice, the price of the 8GB iPhone 4 on AT&T has dropped from $88 to $34. Also, the white and black 16GB flavor of the iPhone 4S on AT&T is now being offered for $114, down from the original $188 listing.”

iPhone 5 release date hinted by Walmart price cut

Interestingly, this price drop comes just over a month before WWDC 2012 kicks off in San Francisco. Aside from the iPhone 4S, all previous iPhone models made their debut at WWDC events, hinting that this price drop may have to do with the possible launch of an iPhone 5 in June.

Unfortunately there is no way of confirming this rumor until Apple takes stage at the Worldwide Developer Conference. The blogosphere is currently split between a June and October release date for the iPhone 5.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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