Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Clues Finally Cracked, Big Blobs Clearly Refers To Color Options (Leak)

When Samsung announced the upcoming Mobile Unpacked event in London where it will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S3, it sent out a special invitation which brought up a number of questions.

One of those questions was what was with the blue and white blobs of liquid used on the Galaxy S3 invitation. At the time, it was believed to hint that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would use a liquidmetal display, to even it portraying different galaxies. Well it now looks like the blue and white blobs refer to the two color options the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be made available in.

Samsung Galaxy S3 models show up in retailer inventory

Carphone Warehouse, a UK retailer who are expected to carry the Samsung Galaxy S3, may have just leaked the two possible color options the upcoming Android will be made available in (see inventory screenshot below). Given that Samsung has released its past devices in two colors (usually black or white), this was expected.

Unfortunately, the inventory screenshot doesn’t reveal anything else about the Samsung Galaxy S3. However we are now less than 24 hours away from its official launch so hang in there. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.