New iPad 3 Will Knock Your Teeth Out, Literally

The iPad continues to be the best selling tablet on the market and with good reason. Boasting a Retina Display, quad-core graphics processing, 4G LTE capability, and all at a competitive price, it has made tablets into a mainstream product. So much so that a growing number of kids are becoming proud iPad owners.

Little girl’s new iPad 3 knocks her teeth out

Now if you think these are one of those reports which advise against buying your kids an iPad as it will lessen real-life social interaction, think again. A new report from China claims that a little girl got her teeth knocked out when she was in bed using her new iPad.

She had it propped on one hand and was using the other hand to interact with it, when suddenly she lost grip of it and it came crashing down on her face. The impact left the tablet unharmed but the poor little girl chipped her tooth so much so that she is too embarrassed to smile anymore.

The little girl’s mom has ever since gotten a rubber case for the iPad in hopes that if offers a better grip (and possibly lessen the impact if it falls on the kid’s face again). Check out the report below.

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