New BlackBerry 10 Camera Feature: iPhone 4S & HTC One X, Watch Out!

When you think of great camera phones and underlying software, the devices that come to mind include the iPhone 4S and its HDR mode, and even the recently launched HTC One X with its patented imaging processing software coupled with instantaneous image capture. What doesn’t come to mind are BlackBerry phones. Well that may be until now.

BlackBerry 10 camera feature allows you to turn back time (sort of)

Earlier this week, RIM unveiled BlackBerry 10 which is expected to come preloaded in the latest BlackBerry smartphones. While we were expecting a host of new enterprise solutions and some much needed UI update, BlackBerry surprised consumers with a new camera feature that will change the way we think of photography.

The below video shows Vivek Bhardwaj onstage during the BlackBerry World 2012 keynote and sharing a look at a camera feature being developed for BlackBerry 10 that allows you to detect faces and turn back frames to capture that magic moment.

Now as both an Apple and Android phone user, I must say that this is impressive. Slap on a serious camera sensor on the next-generation of BlackBerry smartphones and you’ve got a winner there. Nevertheless, until we see it roll out on BlackBerry devices, we will have to take it as vaporware.

Here’s hoping RIM releases it while it is still revolutionary. Until then, do you know of any apps in the App Store or Google Play that can do this? Sound off in the comments below.