Buy iPhone 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5?

With Apple confirming that WWDC 2012 will take place in San Francisco on June 11th, we are now just over a month away from the Cupertino based company’s biggest event of the year.

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference has never ceased to amaze fans and every year introduces many new technology advancements. In particular, we’ve seen every next-gen iPhone debut at the event sans the iPhone 4S. And with many believing that was due to delays in production, we could see the iPhone 5 return Apple to its summer launch schedule and make its debut at WWDC 2012.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5?

So the next question is. With the iPhone 5 potentially only a month over away from being announced, should you wait for it or stil go ahead and buy an iPhone 4S? The answer isn’t so simple.

While every new iPhone model has never ceased to amaze us, there has been a cloud of doubt over the iPhone 5. In particular because of the lack of Steve Jobs.

If rumors serve true, the iPhone 5 will be redesigned from ground up. Apple, who is usually known for stability and reliability in it products thanks to the watchful eye of Jobs, will be going with the iPhone 5 without Jobs, making it the first iPhone being developed under somewhat different conditions. Furthermore, there have been multiple labor issues at Apple’s Chinese supplier Foxconn.

As the folks over at GadgetHaven put it, given that Apple products have been known to be revolutionary, rumors of a massive 4.6-inch Retina Display and improved syncing capabilities “smacks of a product that is following Samsung and HTC rather than leading in innovation. Historically, this is not what Apple is known for.”

The iPhone 4S continues to remain one of the best selling smartphones on the market right now and leaves some pretty big shoes to fill for the upcoming iPhone 5. Personally, I would hold back on getting an iPhone 4S until after the WWDC event on June 11th. If Apple doesn’t announce the iPhone 5 at the show then it is safe to assume that we may only see it in the fall and it would be alright to get an iPhone 4S.

Do you think the next-generation iPhone will be able to live up to the name even without Steve Jobs at the helm? Sound off in the comments below.