iPhone 5 Retina Display May Cause Freak Outs If Apple Slaps ‘Wonder Glass’ On

Back when the iPhone 4 launched, one of its key features was its Retina Display. This carried on with the iPhone 4S and now with the New iPad 3. However Apple may not be done in the screen department just yet.

iPhone 5 Retina Display could go one step further with Wonder Glass

Given that a Retina Display is pretty much as high of a resolution as someone could appreciate on a 3.5-inch display, Apple may be considering changing the glass material to something that will really make what you are seeing pop out.

The folks over at MobileNApps report that Apple is looking for an alternative screen material for the iPhone 5 and it may come down to a new glass material developed at MIT. Dubbed ‘Wonder Glass’, it is fog-resistant, glare free and self cleaning. MNA explains:

“Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed the glass that could turn out to be a glass of the future. It is resistant to fogging and glare effects. Moreover, the glass has a revolutionary technology to clean itself. According to MIT News, the new glass eliminates reflections and repels water droplets like “tiny rubber balls” bouncing off the ground. The anti-reflective screen under-cuts the light reflection to zero level, while conventional glasses can reflect more than 50 percent of light rays when inclined at wide angles to light source.”

Given that glare is what makes glass ‘visible’ to us, the lack of it would almost feel like you’re directly interacting with the elements of iOS and the iPhone 5 instead of an intermediate barrier. How surreal would that be?!


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