iPhone 5 Gets Best Of Both Worlds With Laser Keyboard & Holographic Display, Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

The iPhone 5 has been tipped to launch sometime this summer and if all holds true, we could see it debut with iOS 6 in tow. However just like every past iPhone release, we won’t know what Apple has planned until the day of the launch.

iPhone 5 concept (video)

Until then, here is one of the coolest iPhone 5 concepts we’ve seen to date. Created by San Francisco design shop Aatma, it envisions the iPhone with a large QWERTY keyboard and screen but at the same time pack the same small 3.5-inch form factor as the iPhone 4S. So how does it accomplish that? With a laser keyboard and holographic display.

The holographic display coupled with the laser keyboard will let you project a large sized keyboard that will make those Bluetooth slider keyboards cases appear tiny. It will further supports gestures that will likely get picked up by the camera and we have to admit that swiping the keyboard away looked really cool.

Of course, it is too much to expect the iPhone 5 to pack this much, or for that matter any smartphone this year. However one can always imagine. Check out the video below to see the iPhone 5 concept in action.

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