iPhone 4S Camera Shoots 60fps At 720p Thanks To New App!

The iPhone 4S has arguably the best camera fitted on a smartphone in the market right now. And with the App Store boasting a plethora of high quality apps with amazing filters, there is no question why the iPhone ranks among the top cameras used on photo-sharing website Flickr.

SloPro 50FP Video iPhone 4S camera app now available

Now here’s another great iPhone app that boats 60fps video capture at 720p. Called SloPro 60FPS, it allows you to capture slow motion video at 720p resolution. Here is what the developer has to say about the iPhone 4S camera app:

“SloPro captures all footage at 720p 60fps, giving you twice as many HD frames to work with. You’ll see the difference when you launch SloPro… You can toggle slow motion on and off while shooting. Or you can edit your in/out points after shooting. All your settings are completely editable.”

Best yet, the SloPro 60FPS video app for the iPhone 4S is available free on iTunes. We can’t figure out how it manages to pull it off (clever filters?) but the results are amazing. Give it a try to see what we mean.


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