Samsung Galaxy S3: Verizon Manages To Snag US Exclusivity For A Limited Time? [MNA]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the hottest Android smartphone of 2012. So it would come as a shocker if any of the top 4 US carriers decide to skip out on it. Nevertheless we saw such an occurrence back in 2011 when Verizon decided to skip out on the Samsung Galaxy S2, but made a last minute save by announcing their exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Verizon gets limited time exclusivity on Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US? (rumor)

In 2012 however, it looks like Verizon won’t be making any mistakes and will be getting a headstart with the Samsung Galaxy S3 here in the US. The folks over at MobileNApps (MNA) report:

“Possibly the most important Android smartphone of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S3, will reportedly be making its merry little way to Verizon, leaving AT&T in the waiting seat until whenever Verizon timed exclusive hold on the device is over.”

MNA quotes BGR as their source, saying that BGR claimed it had “exclusively learned details about most, if not all of Verizon Wireless’s flagship smartphone launches for the remainder of 2012” and that “Verizon Wireless will indeed be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3.”

If these report holds true and Verizon does in fact have a short-timed exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it will pose as a big problem to its closest rival – AT&T. With AT&T already jumping aboard the superphone wagon with the announcement of the HTC One X, this will be just what Verizon users have been waiting to hear.


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