iPhone 5 Likely To Land Before Samsung Galaxy S3 Despite 42-Day Headstart

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has ‘taken the lead’ with the manufacturer announcing its May 3rd event in London next month. The date happens to fall exactly 42 days before Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco which is scheduled for June 11th.

iPhone 5 US release date may fall ahead of Samsung Galaxy S3 despite later launch (prediction)

Now while Apple hasn’t confirmed that the iPhone 5 will launch at WWDC 2012, the odds look good. 4 of the last 5 iPhone models made their debut at the San Francisco event and word on the street is that Apple hopes to return to its summer launch schedule with the iPhone 5 which it will just dub the ‘New iPhone’.

Under the assumption that this does in fact hold true, Samsung still has a 42 day headstart over Apple and its iPhone 5. However there is one little matter that we are forgetting, how quickly the device ends up in stores. In the case of Apple, it is pretty darn quick.

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, it arrived in US stores within a week. Same case scenario, the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in May but only arrived in US stores sometime in September (4 months later). So even if Samsung does manage to grab a 42-day headstart with its Galaxy S3 over Apple, it will likely only be applicable in Korea, Asia and some parts of Europe. As for the US, we may see carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile only get their hands on it in the fall.

Do you think Samsung can ‘pull an iPhone’ and have global release for its Galaxy S3? Or will it stick with tradition and have us see carrier specific models roll out months later? Sound off in the comments below.

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