Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 Launch Just 42 Days Apart From One Another?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unveiled at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London on May 3rd. While all eyes are on the unveiling of what is possibly the most anticipated Android smartphone of 2012, it now looks like its biggest rival could just be 42 days away.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: launches only a month apart?

The Apple WWDC 2012 event has been officially set for June 11th. Now if you’ve been following the Apple rumor mill then you will be aware that Apple has been speculated to reveal a number of new products ranging from a new MacBook Air to… the iPhone 5. The iPhone has traditionally launched at the Worldwide Developers conference without fail ever since its inception, except for last year when the iPhone 4S got delayed until the fall. However Apple is expected to return to its original schedule as it now has a better hold over the supply and demand issues it had in the past with its popular iOS products. As we saw in the case of the New iPad 3, Apple managed to keep up with the demand better than it did with the past two iPad launches.

If the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 both debut only a month apart from each other, there is the strong likelihood that they would be headed for a collision course on store shelves. The winner will likely be the one who manages to live up to the rumors.

On a side note, tickets to WWDC 2012 are already sold out. No surprise there.