2 More Apple Product Rumors Shot Down By CEO Tim Cook

In addition to Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing that their company sold 35 million iPhones in the past 90 days and posted a $11.6 billion profit in record Q2, Cook had some other interesting details to share with investors and consumers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook kills more product rumors today by pretty much dismissing the likelihood of a cheaper tablet. In his statement, he mentioned that the $399 iPad 2 was doing well in markets sensitive to price (e.g. education sector) but the current $499 price point set for the New iPad 3 was ideal: “I have to tell you, the new iPad is on fire and we’re selling them as fast as we can make them,” said Tim Cook.

Tim Cook kills rumors of an Apple iPad/MacBook and Toaster/Fridge hybrid

In terms of new product rumors, Tim Cook shot down the possiblity of a MacBook/iPad hybrid when asked whether it is realistic to think there’s a sub-two pound device that we can all carry around and open as a notebook or close up as a tablet? This was obviously refering to Microsoft’s plans with their upcoming lineup of Windows 8 devices that cross the lines between tablets, PC and smartphones.

Tim Cook dismissed the idea by stating that products are tradeoffs. “You can converge a toaster and fridge, but those things are probably not gonna be pleasing to the user.” A funny analogy but at the same time we’ve seen even funnier products spawn from what first sounded like passing statements only.

iPhone 5, iPhone nano and MacBook Pro rumors left untouched

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t mention anything revealing about the iPhone 5 or the possibility of the company axing the MacBook Pro.


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