[PICS] iPhone 5 Home Button Feels Great On The… Fingerprints?

Another day and another iPhone 5 leak. This time around it is allegedly the new home button which will go in the iPhone 5. Now before we move on I will have to warn you that there is really nothing to report here. So if you’re after some juicy new rumor to follow the liquidmetal and 4.6-inch Retina Display speculations then this isn’t it. What this is is something possibly more real.

iPhone 5 home button supposedly shows up on supplier’s website

The folks over at TVC-Mall have revealed what’s possibly the home button that will go in the iPhone 5. Now if that name sounds familiar it is because they have an excellent track record when it comes to leaking parts in Apple products. In fact, they listed a bunch of internal parts for pre-order on their site that eventually showed up in the new iPad.

This time around it is the home button you see pictured below. The button looks almost identical to the one in the iPhone 4S and may just be a little bit smaller. That’s about it.

Of course, we can drum it up to be something big by saying that it feels great for your fingerprints and is perfectly aligned with your fingers now, but it’s just a button after all. We’ll keep you posted as more develops about the iPhone 5.


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