Samsung Galaxy S3 Bestseller On Amazon, iSheep Potshot Unfair?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has yet to be unveiled and Samsung has kept both the design and specs well under wraps. However despite all this, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has climbed to the top of Amazon Germany’s best seller list, becoming the top selling smartphone on the website.

Samsung Galaxy S3 already bestselling phone on Amazon Germany

It beats out the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus, and the rumored specs which Amazon listed with on the device’s page looks good enough for consumers to fork out their cash for (listed as 599 euros).

Now if you’re wondering whether this bestseller list is for real, yes it is. The folks over at TheNextWeb did a little bit of investigating and found the below message on Amazon’s website: “These lists, updated hourly, contain bestselling items.”

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone fans

With no firm release date, specs, pictures and a very high price tag, consumers have still gone ahead and blindly placed their orders on the device which is only expected to launch (not release) on May 3rd. While I don’t usually like to point fingers, but the recent Samsung Galaxy S3 teaser video which took a potshot at iPhone users by portraying them as sheep may be hypocritical.


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