iPhone 5 May Signal Birth Of iPhone Nano In Last Place You’d Look

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 now expected to be only weeks away from its official debut, its biggest rival, the iPhone 5 still appears to remain under wraps. And if rumors of an October iPhone 5 launch hold true, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 will find itself battling it out with the iPhone 4S in the meantime.

Large-screen iPhone 5 rumors could mean the birth of classic size iPhone nano

Now Apple usually keeps the closest predecessor in production to serve as a cheaper alternative on the market. In the case of the iPhone 4S, it took hold of the $199 starting point and pushed the iPhone 4 down to $99. As such, the same is expected when the iPhone 5 launches sometime this year.

While on the subject of iPhone 5 rumors, word on the street is that it will be the first iPhone to feature a screen size larger than Apple’s traditional 3.5-inches. We’re talking about a 4.6-inch Retina Display screen. Now whether it is that large or just 4-inches like other suggest, it is still going to be larger than all its predecessors. And with Apple calling the iPad 3 the ‘New iPad’, we can expect the next-gen iPhone to be called the ‘new iPhone’. What this basically does is leave the 3.5-inch form factor open to a refresh (after all, not everyone wants a larger smartphone).

As we saw with the iPad 2, while Apple continued to produce it they updated the processor to theoretically improve battery life and closer match the New iPad. So in this instance, they could just rebrand the iPhone 4S as the “iPhone nano” and stick in some of the new guts found in the New iPhone ‘5’.

Would you be interested in an iPhone nano if it shared some hardware with the iPhone 5 but came with a smaller screen and lower price tag? Sound off in the comments below.

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