Apple Thinks Small: iOS Heavyweights Downsized To iPhone Nano & iPad Mini This Year?

With the New iPad ‘3’ already unveiled, all eyes are on the iPhone 5 which is rumored to come next sometime this summer. However while Apple fans are generally satisfied with the release of these two major devices annually, reports now suggest that Apple may be expanding its lineup by introducing two brand new iOS products this year that will be smaller versions of its two heavyweights.

iPad mini & iPhone nano to join iPhone 5 and iPad 3 this year?

For as long as we can remember, rumors of an iPhone nano and iPad mini have been circulating the web. However in 2012, they seem to have been taken to a new level, suggesting that this maybe the year it is unveiled. The iPad mini as speculations suggest, will feature a 7.85-inch display and will be Apple’s answer to the growingly popular Amazon Kindle Fire and upcoming pure Google tablet. Given that these Android rivals sit at lower price points, Apple may launch the ‘iPad mini’ in the $200 price range.

According to the China Times, Apple is definitely going to make a cheap iPhone this year, and it will be the iPhone nano. Given that the iPhone starts at $199 and the same can be expected of the iPhone 5, Apple may need a cheaper alternative as it faces tough competition from not only Android devices but also the Nokia Lumia 900 which starts at a ridiculously low $99 (AT&T is even offering a $100 rebate on the Windows Phone device, basically making it free).

While we would love to see an iPhone nano and iPad mini added to Apple’s lineup, if for nothing other than having more options, we are not going to hold our breath. We suggest you do the same as well.


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