iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3: Steel Mill vs Pottery Barn?

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the most hyped Android smartphone of 2012, there is no telling yet just how ‘big’ the iPhone 5 will be when some steady details begin to surface about it other than just reports from analysts and suppliers.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Casing rumors

If you’re waiting to upgrade to an Android smartphone, chances are you don’t plan on making a move until May 3rd just so you can see what the Samsung Galaxy S3 is all about. And if you’re an iPhone fan, then it will likely mean that you will pass up all temptations until Apple reveals the iPhone 5 either at WWDC 2012 this summer or later in the fall as some reports suggest.

While rumors of both devices suggest that they may have similar upgrades from their predecessors (faster processor, more RAM, better camera, bigger display), there is one major difference – the exterior casing.

If you’ve been following both Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 rumors then you will be well aware of reports that suggest the iPhone 5 exterior casing will be composed of liquid metal, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 will go with ceramic. Given that the predecessors (iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3) were glass/aluminum and plastic respectively, the rumors seem to be true. Both appear to be taking it to the next level, although the iPhone 5 and its liquidmetal ‘sounds’ more awesome (anyone else thinking of Terminator?). Infact, what liquid metal really is is a  zirconium-based alloy which is more durable and lighter than other metals.

Now before you dismiss the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its choice of ceramic, it is important to note that the ceramic isn’t all too bad and word on the street is that it will have a similar finish to those Rado ceramic watches which have been appreciated for its high gloss finish and scratch resistance.

Coincidentally, both liquidmetal and ceramic actually go very well together. Take for instance the OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition watch which bonds ceramics and Liquidmetal in one body.