Samsung Teases Galaxy S3 On Facebook, Similar Silhouette To Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now only week away for its official debut in London. The Samsung Mobile Unpacked event on May 3rd will be the first time we get to see the Samsung Galaxy S3, however Sammy has already started to tease the device via Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy S3 teased on Facebook

The Danish Samsung Facebook page has gone ahead and published the blue banner you see below. In it we see the official date once again (12.05.03) but also a silhouette of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now there has been a lot of debate as to whether the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a fresh new design or play off the Samsung Galaxy Note which is basically an update on the S2’s design, or go with the Galaxy Nexus styling. From the silhouette, it appears to be the latter.

Samsung has had to distinct designs so far with its high-end smartphones and if rumors hold true, they may not introduce a new design but instead just a change in materials. The plastic used in the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note have been criticized for feeling brittle and not akin to high-end devices. So rumors suggest that Samsung may opt for a ceramic casing instead that is a lot like those polished materials found in Rado watches.

We will keep you posted as more develops.


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