Samsung Galaxy Note: T-Mobile Beats Verizon & Sprint To Phablet?! [LEAK]

We all know that AT&T’s exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy Note ends this month, hence the growing number of rumors about a Sprint / Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note called the Journal continuing to pop up.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note leapfrogged by T-Mobile variant?

However the folks over at TmoNews now hint that Sprint and Verizon may not be next in line for the Samsung Galaxy Note just yet. Instead, there maybe one more GSM variant first – a T-Mobile Galaxy Note. The blog stumbled upon the user agent string of a Samsung device with the same resolution as the Galaxy Note: 800×1280. Now before you think this is a Samsung tablet, it is important to note that tablets have the reverse resolution i.e. 1280×800. So unless Samsung has another humungous phone (which we doubt), this is likely a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note:

“So here’s the thing, we can’t absolutely, positively say that this user agent string and the Samsung SGH-T879 model number is a T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note. What we can say is that there isn’t another Samsung device on the market with a screen resolution of 800 x 1280… We can say the bluetooth doc relating the SGH-T879 originally called this a variant of the SGH-i717 which is the AT&T Galaxy Note, unfortunately that comment has since been removed”, states TMoNews.

No word yet on when and if there will be a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note but there certainly appears to be a huge Verizon fanbase waiting for such a device to come along. With no other smartphone on the market with a screen size this large and HD resolution to match, it would be crazy for Verizon or Sprint to pass up on this unique device. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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