iPhone 4S Case That Let’s You Talk To The Hand, Literally

If you own an iPhone, you will never find yourself short of choices when it comes to buying a case for it. In fact, we can’t think of any other smartphone on the market that would have more case choices.

Unique iPhone 4S case from Japan

However, from the manufacturer’s stand point, they will always find that they need to come up with something unique if they want their case to stand out in the market. We’ve seen this in the past with some oddball cases, as well as just recently when an iPhone 4S case was released that was capable of stopping a 50 caliber bullet. Weighing in a 2kg and not able to fit in your pocket nor be kept down on a table without scratching it, we thought it would be the most ridiculous case this year. Well, we were wrong.

Introducing the iPhone 4S hand case from Japan. Now we’re not sure what to make of it. Not only does it look ridiculous but quite creepy at the same time. The case is available in two sizes, adult and child sized hands. We would like to post the Google translation for the description of the case but it is as weird as the case itself and we think we would need someone who speaks Japanese to make actual sense of it.

Now if for some strange reason you are wondering if this case is available here in the US, the answer is no. This is a Japan only product and we guess there may be a market for it over there, some how. Check out more strange ‘uses’ for the iPhone 4S case below.


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