Why iPhone 5 Will Remain The Same Size As The 4S [Prediction]

With the New iPad 3 now out of the way, all eyes are now on the next big Apple product – the iPhone 5. If Apple does follow its usual launch schedule, we could see the iPhone 5 roll out this summer at WWDC 2012.

Why the iPhone 5 likely remain same size as iPhone 4S

Now one of the most debated things about the iPhone 5 would have to be its screen size. Carrying on the rumors from before the iPhone 4S launch, tech pundits and analyst are predicting that Apple will increase the screen size of the next-generation iPhone. Since then, we’ve seen rumors of it being anywhere between 4-inches and 4.6-inches.

While the general trend of smartphones is towards bigger displays (Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note), I do believe that Apple will upgrade every aspect of the iPhone… but not the screen size.

Apple has stuck with 3.5-inches since the original iPhone and there is a reason. It allows for comfortable one-handed operation. As the screen size increases, you would generally need to adjust your the device in your hand in order to ensure your thumb reaches every corner of the screen. As Ben Bajarin of Techpinions shows in the below image, Apple chose that size for a reason. While one would think that because Android smartphones were getting larger, that it would be the current trend, it is important to note that hand sizes aren’t getting bigger as well. And with Apple offering the iPad which is basically a giant iPhone, there is no reason to sacrifice ease of use for screen size.

iPhone 6 & 6XL?

While we do see Apple eventually moving on to offer a larger screen iPhone, we don’t think it would happen until they decide to offer the latest iPhone in a few different variants other than just color and storage space. Just like how you can grab a 4.3-inch Samsung Galaxy S2 or a 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple will likely bring choice before having all its kids, teens and adult users go with a screen size that they may or may not be comfortable using.

That’s my two cents. What’s yours? Sound off in the comments below.

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