iPhone 4S: Samuel L Jackson Replaces Siri [FUNNY]

Apple has started to run commercials for the iPhone 4S once again and this time around brings some top name celebrities into the mix to get some buzz around it.

iPhone 4S ad featuring Samuel L Jackson (funny)

We’ve seen Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L Jackson so far and expect many more iPhone 4S ads as we lead up to the summer. With the likes of the Nokia Lumia 900, Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC EVO 4G LTE and even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 expected to be advertised over the next few months, we can see why Apple wishes to stay in the spotlight given they only release a single device every year.

Now YouTube user ‘sh00tertsn’ has uploaded a video on YouTube that’s a clever and funny spin on the currently running iPhone 4S commercials boasting Siri, the voice activated assistant. In it we find Samuel L Jackson replace Siri in helping iPhone 4S users with their daily tasks and questions. But be warned, there is some strong language in it so we would refrain from watching it at work.

Well enough chatter, check out the video below and tell us if you think they missed out on any other of Samuel L Jackson’s one-liners that would be perfect for this Siri commercial.

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