Top 5 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

Last week, we discussed the strong points of iPhone and iOS, and why you would choose it over Android. Now let’s turn the tables and check out the top 5 reasons why you would go with an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone.

Top 5 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Widgets: Let’s start off with one of the most obvious benefits Android has over the iPhone, widgets support. With widgets, you no longer need to launch particular apps in order to get certain information. They also let you see multiple pieces of information simultaneously and with just a single glance.

Drag & Drop Files: Not only is the Android platform free of the need for special software to transfer files (no iTunes), but it let’s you transfer just about any kind of file with ease. You also have the ability to organize them into directories just like on your desktop.

Swap launchers and keyboards: With Android smartphones, you can swap the default launcher and keyboard to a third party variant with ease. Just head on over to the Google Play Store (Android Market) and download your prefered launcher or keyboard. Some may prefer ‘Swyping’ while others may be missing that old T9 keyboard on the Nokia. As for launchers, you can introduce gestures and new effects to how you normally interact with your Android in seconds. While many launchers are aesthetically pleasing, others introduce new features that Google left out of Android.

Free turn by turn navigation: Enough said.

Choice & Price: When it comes to the iPhone, there is only one to pick from (unless you go with a previous generation model). However in the case of Android, at any given time there will be a few dozen models with different hardware, camera, screen size and designs to pick from. This also means different entry prices.

Did we miss out on any other major reasons where Android beats the iPhone? Sound off in the comments below.