Samsung Galaxy S3 To Get Olympics Flavor & Flair… But Can We Handle It? [PL]

With Samsung practically confirming that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be unveiled at the Samsung Mobile Unpacking event in London on May 3rd, the announcement has opened a floodgate of new rumors. The latest comes by way of PocketLint who are running on speculations from earlier this year about the S3 and its ties with the 2012 Olympics.

Samsung Galaxy S3 set to be official Olympics phone?

According to PL, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a special edition Olympics phone with preloaded content to do with one of the biggest Sporting events on the planet. Now we’ve seen special edition phones in the past and they are usually pack mid-range hardware but tons of pre-loaded content and plenty of design flair. If this is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 then we are sure many fans would be disappointed.

We know just how well the Samsung Galaxy Note did in terms of sales thanks in part to its Superbowl ad, so it comes as no surprise that Samsung plans to run a similar campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the 2012 Olympics in London. But we doubt they will make the S3 the official Olympics smartphone.

We’ll be at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London next month so stay tuned. As for the Olympics, it’s scheduled for the end of June (no, we won’t be there).


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