Samsung Galaxy S3 Pulls A ‘Back To The Future’, Snapped At Launch Party Scheduled For May 22nd [IBTimes]

The folks over at IBTimes believe that Samsung has gone ahead and pulled another one of their pre-launch faux pas, this time with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Another Samsung Galaxy S3 leak

Now if you’ve been following Samsung launches in the past then you will know that the Korean giant has a knack for ‘taking’ event launch photos before the event actually happens. Basically how it works is that Samsung takes pictures of what appear to be a new product at a launch in the same halls that the launch will occur, but hours before the doors are opened. By doing so, they have some great shots to send out in their press release when the news breaks. They were caught doing this back at MWC 2011 when these launch photos leaked just hours before the doors of the Mobile World Congress were open.

Now IBT reports that they have done it again, but this time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (purported picture is below). Now while we don’t have any substantiating evidence to claim that these pictures are false, I have to say that this looks just like a Samsung Galaxy Note and NOT an S3. Am I wrong? Did I miss something? You be the judge.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to launch at a special event in London on May 22nd. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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