Upcoming Android More High-Flying Than Samsung Galaxy S3

When it comes to high-end Android smartphones, you just have to look at the flagship devices from the top Android manufacturers in the world – Samsung, HTC, Motorola & LG.

While these manufacturers are focused on consumer electronics in general, there is now another company that plans to jump into the Android game. The difference is, this particular company isn’t into building consumer electronics exactly and is more of a ‘high-flyer’. Done guessing who we’re talking about? It’s Boeing.

Boeing Phone: An Android more ‘high flying’ than even the Samsung Galaxy S3

According to the National Defense Magazine, Boeing who specializes in aerospace and defense will be releasing its first smartphone in 2012. It will be a high-end, super-secure phone based on Google’s Android.

While the Samsung Galaxy brand dabbles in aerospace, if not by name only (‘Galaxy’ S3, ‘SkyRocket’, ‘Stratosphere’), the Boeing phone will actually include apps that are handy for those in the aerospace industry (no, Angry Birds Space doesn’t count… I think).

Boeing is remaining tight lipped on the device at the moment and we should know more later this year. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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